Enterprise Lean is a coordinated state government program directed through the Department of Administration

Enterprise Lean is a coordinated state government program directed through the Department of Administration. The Enterprise Lean Program is an ambitious effort to reform and reshape state government operations into those that are nimble, embrace change, and continuously improve.  In addition, the Governor, has set forth several specific objectives for the Enterprise Lean effort.

They are:

1. Creating “one stop shop” opportunities for easier access to government services;

2. Increasing secure and effective electronic delivery of government services;

3. Streamlining common functions and activities;

4.  Saving money through more efficient and effective service delivery.

The programs focus is to improve organizational performance through Lean thinking, concepts, tools, and methods.

You are tasked to lead this effort. You find several examples of waste in state government and you proceed to categorize them as follows:

Types of Waste and Examples

1. Defects – Example – Incorrect data entry

2. Overproduction – Example – Preparing extra report; reports not acted upon; multiple copies in data storage

3. Transportation – Example – Extra Steps in processes – distances traveled

4. Movement – Example – Extra steps; extra data entry

5. Waiting – Example – Processing monthly or in batches

6. Overprocessing – Example – Extra sign-offs and hand-offs of work

7. Inventory – Example – Transactions not processed

8. Underutilized Resources – Example -People doing unchallenging work

Using this scenario please answer the following questions:

1. What are three (3) Lean leadership challenges faced by you as the Lean Enterprise  Program leader?  List and describe each one.

2. How would you overcome each of these challenges?  What would you do? Describe your method(s).

3. Select two of the types of waste from the list. What Lean tools (i.e. Kaizen events, 5S, Kanban) would you deploy to address the wastes you have selected?  Explain why you selected the particular tool. Describe how you might engage the employees in understanding the use, and importance, of the tool.

Please see the attached rubric on how to do this, please follow that

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