ENTD200 Assignment 6

Assignment Instructions

Week 6 Assignment: Variables, IF/THEN/ELSE, Loops 


You will complete this assignment in Python 3.x. Make sure you have downloaded the software and it is installed correctly. You will download it from this site: https://www.python.org/downloads/.

You will code the following and submit it in one file. Use the information in the Lessons area for this week to assist you. Save it as a python file (.py), and upload it into the Assignments area.

1. Include comment block on line1 of your code with the following information:


    Your Name
    Course Name, Section (example: ENTD200 B002 Spr18)
    Instructor name
    Week  #
    Date completed

2.    Create  2 Python programs  based on week 5 flowcharts and requirements. You must use loops, do not use function call
Here is a SAMPLE  run for a simple calculator to add to numbers (this is for reference only)

Simple Calculator

What is your name –> Supa

Enter first number –> 7

Enter second number –> 5

Total of  7.0 + 5.0 = 12.0

Supa do you want another calculation ? (y/n) y

Enter first number –> 21

Enter second number –> 11

Total of  21.0 + 11.0 = 32.0

Supa do you want another calculation ? (y/n) n

Thanks for using my calculator

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