Edu 571 Week 4 Discussion

“Debate It Evaluation Approaches to Determining Graduation Requirements” Please respond to the following:

  • The school board of a large urban school district (70% graduation rate and 50% college entrants) plans to make graduation requirements more stringent (e.g., more courses in science, math, and language) and reduce vocational education and elective courses (music and art). The school board plans to have an expertise-based evaluation before enacting the plan. Take a stand as a stakeholder and argue for or against the board using a participant- or expertise-oriented approach to evaluation. State two (2) reasons and/or benefits of your view.  

“Identifying and Selecting Evaluation Questions and Criteria” Please respond to the following:

  • The board of governors of a public liberal arts university with three colleges: arts and science, business, and education for 5,000 students is considering adding a computer science college. The board has decided an evaluation needs to be conducted to determine the need, costs, courses, etc. Assume the role of a professional evaluator hired by the board to conduct the evaluation: 
  • Identify evaluation sources for questions,  
  • describe key stakeholders and their concerns, and  
  • recommend proposed questions in the divergent phase.  

Provide a rationale for each of these areas.

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