Discussions – Unit 1

Unit 1 Discussion Board: How Employees See Compensation(HRM307) – Compensation & Benefits

Compensation refers to all forms of financial returns and tangible services and benefits employees receive as part of an employment relationship.  Employees often perceive their compensation in different ways — as a return in exchange for their labors, as an entitlement, as a reward, etc.  In what way do you perceive compensation and how did your perspective on compensation develop?

Unit 1.1 Discussion: Dissecting an Organization (HRM335)- Organizational Behavior

  • When one thinks of organizations, it would be natural to first consider businesses. However, we are surrounded by and probably part of many other types of organizations, including religious groups, social clubs, volunteer organizations and government.  Even families can be viewed through the lens of organizational behavior.
    Consider the Executive Branch of the federal government.  What ideas from our reading do you see evident in the way the Executive Branch is organized?  How do these principles contribute to the successful function or dysfunction of this branch of government?
    In response to your peers, what are some of the different organizations of which you are a part?  How are they organized and why?  What is your role?
  • Unit 1.2 Discussion: Applying the Mars Model (HRM335) – Organizational Behavior 
  • A large functional department in state government decided to modernize their computer system.  The employees were made aware several months in advance of the changes, however, the implementation date kept getting pushed back.  The changes were significant and affected everyone.  Many were not happy with the changes; there was quite a bit of fear and consternation.  The changes meant that some employees who were used to doing things one way, now had to do things differently.  Some were concerned that they were not adequately prepared for the new system and they lacked training. When the change came it was, at first, a disaster.  Instead of the expected increase in productivity and effectiveness, there was a significant decrease.
    To add to the problems, the system had a number of “bugs” that had to also be worked out.  These things only served to fuel the employees concerns.  How would you use the MARS model to explain the drop in performance experienced in this case example?
    In response to your peers, describe a time at work when your motivation was impacted.  What situational factors and role conflicts did you experience and how did they affect your ability to do your job?
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