Discussion: Spreading Innovation

To prepare:
Review the information on the diffusion of innovation presented in the Learning Resources.
Visit the Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualities Innovation Exchange website (listed in the Learning Resources). Click on Innovations & Quality Tools or Browse by Subject then read through a selection of descriptions of innovations.

Evaluate how each of these innovations addresses a problem, and determine if you could integrate the innovation (or a similar one) into your organization or one with which you are familiar.
Select one of the innovations on which to focus for this Discussion. Think about how you might introduce this innovation in your selected organization, and strategies that you might use to facilitate communication and engagement needed to sustain the innovation.


Post a detailed review of one innovation that you found of particular interest on the AHRQ Innovation Exchange. Explain the problem being addressed, the innovation, and the outcomes and how you might introduce a similar innovation in your organization or one with which you are familiar. Outline strategies you would employ to sustain the innovation.

Don’t need a cover page

3apa style format references

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