Discussion Question

Discussion Question

1 to 2 pages

Read the following (2 articles – applications) and use it as a basis for discussing another application of CRM which furthers a company’s strategic initiatives ( may not have been very clear about the requirements earlier)

1.  Mobile Money Race in Somaliland

Stevis-Gridneff, M. (2018, Jul 07). EXCHANGE — finance: An unlikely leader in the mobile-money race — racked by inflation, the breakaway republic of somaliland is moving toward a cashless economy as residents increasingly use their phones as wallets. Wall Street Journal Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.library.berkeley.org/docview/2065265431?accountid=38129 (Links to an external site.)

2.  Customer-centric IT at Disney

Magicbands in the Magic Kingdom: Customer Centric IT implementation at Disney Journal Of the International Academy for Case Studies.  Retrieved from http://bi.galegroup.com.ezproxy.library.berkeley.org/global/article/GALE%7CA499277494/fc57ec9a64cf3fa1f82959039c2cb33d?u=berkeleycoll (Links to an external site.)

Detail the following: 

  1. Present a similar application of CRM Technology (customer centric) that is aimed at growing the business – you can select your own Integrated paper company or choose another one.
  2. Remember that all technology is supposed to enhance and grow a business
  3. Your detailed posts must exhibit deep knowledge of technology strategy and implementation
  4. Make sure your perspective comes off clearly, logically and analytically
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