Discussion Prompt Option 2

1- Unit 5, Discussion Prompt Option 2

Real Life

Have you ever played a game before and didn’t want to stop? Revisit or imagine that experience and how schedules of reinforcement might relate to continued gameplay. What compound schedules of reinforcement can you identify from a game that you’ve played before?

2- answer to the response of your classmates below

1 day agoErin Carey Unit 5 Discussion prompt 2COLLAPSE

Playing games with my friends and family is one of my favorite things to do. It started when I was a kid and after hurricanes would hit, playing games was all we had to pass the time. While playing the games themselves was fun, winning against my big brother was even better! For me, seeing my older brother lose to me was all the reinforcement that I needed, so I kept playing. This is because I was getting something that I liked and continuously being reinforced. Continuous reinforcement has made me play games for hours and will continue to make me play.

Erin Carey

2 days agoShaneisha Millender Discussion 5 Prompt 2COLLAPSE

I have been addicted to the game of Uno for years. I currently play online through an app when I have free time. I enjoy playing Uno as it is relaxing, competitive, and provide many options for winning with high coin amounts. In relation to the schedules of reinforcement, compound schedules of reinforcement I identify from consist of fixed interval and variable ratio. Remembering, fixed interval is reinforcement made available at a specific time (Miltenberger, p. 84), in relation to playing Uno, one of the incentives is free daily coins at 4:00pm. These coins are available for redemption any time after 4:00pm within 24hrs. Since the free rewards are only made available after 4:00pm, if I do not have any playing coins there is no point in signing into the game. Reinforcement is only present at on after 4:00pm when the free rewards are present. In addition, variable ratio, after the number of unpredicted responses is produced then reinforcement is implied (Miltenberger, 83). When playing Uno variable ratio schedule of reinforcement is exhibited based on if I am winning. Winning results in coins that can be used to continue to play. After winning a few times in a row I am eager to continue to play to try and win more coins; consequently, sometimes I lose all my coins.

Miltenberger, R. G (2016). Introduction to Behavior ModificationBehavior Modification, vol.6(1), p. 81-88 https://capella.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781285227924/cfi/6/6!/4/24/18/2@0:92.6

Shaneisha Millender

Applied Behavior Analysis

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