Discussion: Planning for Evaluation

When a patient arrives in an emergency department with a dangerously high fever, a nurse typically knows before treatment begins how he or she will evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. Evaluation is a critical component of any planned change, and it is essential to integrate it into the design and implementation of a strategic plan.

In this Discussion, you examine the significance of evaluation for the change you are proposing through your Course Project SEE ATTACHMENT.
How would you integrate evaluation in your strategic plan? How long would it take for the proposed change to become status quo, or refreeze, and what is an appropriate timeline for evaluation?
To prepare:
Review the information presented in this weeks Learning Resources. Reflect on how to develop an evaluation plan as part of the strategic planning process.
Refer to the balanced scorecard you have created for your Course Project. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed change using the metrics on your balanced scorecard? What other elements of your strategic plan may be important to consider as you design the evaluation plan?
Think about the timeline you would propose for evaluation. Consider the following:
How and when would you conduct evaluation?
Why is refreezing important? What strategies could you employ to facilitate refreezing?
Would you continue to evaluate the planned change further in the future? If so, how?

By Day 3
Post an explanation of how you would develop an evaluation plan for your proposed change. Outline an initial timeline for evaluation, and explain at least two strategies you would incorporate to encourage refreezing. Share insights you have gained about the process of planning evaluation.


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