Discussion #3

Discussion #3

The instruction is on a word document. The question that you need to follow is colored in amber. Please stay in the realm of the questions being ask. The reading material are paste below (  Ethical Leaders: An Essay About Being in Love ) and (   Impact of Ethics on Leadership Standards). Also a link to the video in below also. The question is pertaining the video so please watch the video.

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the articles Ethical Leaders: An Essay About Being in Love (See Below)and Impact of Ethics on Leadership Standards, (see below) and watch Challenger: The Untold Story Part 7 of 10 (Links to an external site.).

Share what ethical situations came up in the video. Explain how the leader’s decision impacted the results of the Challenger’s mission. What ethical values did you take away from this video that you can apply in your own leadership?


Ethical Leaders: An Essay About Being in Love

flames M. Kouzes Barry Z. Posner

ABSTRACT. What it means to be an ethical leader is the focus of this paper. Leadership is more than an affair of the head, but fundamentally also one of the heart. Leaders are in love. Four esselltial and practical considerations are pres- ented for discovering, developing, and using this perspective.

What does it mean to be ethical? What does it mean to be a leader? What does it mean to be an ethical leader? Is it possible to be an unethical leader? These are just some of the questions that arise when thinking about the topic “ethical leadership.” Ethical leadership has been seen as a process both of inquiry – asking questions about what is right and what is wrong – and a mode of conduct – setting an example for others about the rightness or wrongness of particular actions (Guy, 1990). Ethical leadership, as a way of thinking, says Enderle (1987), aims at two goals: to clarify and make explicit the ethical dimension of decisions and to formulate and justify ethical principles. From a similar applied ethics perspective, Nielsen (1990) proposes the idea of dialogic leadership as a process of elevating outcomes to a higher ethical plane (beyond merely win-win decisions). Leaders, as observed by Bennis and Nanus (1985), set the moral tone: “The leader is responsible for the set of ethics or norms that govern the behavior of people in the organization.” Ethics and leadership may just go hand-in-hand (Hitt, 1990).

James M. Kouzes is President of The Tom Peters Group~Learning Systems (Palo Alto, CA) and Barry Z. Posner is Associate Dean (Academic Programs) and Professor of Management, Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA). They have written The Leader- ship Challenge: How to Get Extraordinary Things Done in Organizations (]ossey-Bass, 1987) and are currently explor- ing what people look for in leaders and the essence of effective working relationships.

!n this essay we want to expiore yet another dimension of ethical leadership which comes out of our continuing studies of peop!e’s personal best leadership experiences (Kouzes and Posner, 1987). In addition, rather than taking a particular philosophi- cal approach, which others who are really better qualified than we are have done, we want to offer some practical suggestions for being an_ ethical leader – which emanates not so much from the head as it does from the heart.

“Love ‘era and lead ‘era”

On September 4, 1986, the Military Traffic Manage- ment Command Western Area installed a new commanding officer. After the Adjutant’s call, pre- sentation and honors, national anthem, invocation, passing of colors, and the Major General’s remarks, the outgoing commander, Brigadier General John H. Stanford, bid his farewell. Upon concluding his speech, he looked skyward and said, “To the men and women of MTMC I give this gift.” As he uttered t,hose words, a bi-plane flew low overhead pulling a huge banner emblazoned with the words: “Love ‘era and lead ‘era.” Love ‘era and lead ‘era is the phrase General Stanford uses to express the first and most important principle in his philosophy of leadership. It is some- thing everybody in his command knows, and he speaks about it passionately and openly. In an interview with General Stanford – now a Major General promoted to commanding officer of MTMC world-wide – we asked him to tell us how he would go about developing leaders in business or the military. He replied:

1 have the secret to success in 1- ,.ire. The secret Js to stay m love. Staying in love gives you the fire to really ignite other people, to see inside other people, to have a greater



Impact of Ethics on Leadership Standards



Shazil Turab, Lecturer COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan

Fawad Kashan, Industry Liaison Officer National Institute of Science and Technology, Islamabad

Muhammad Asif, Lecturer COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan


Abstract: In this article, the researchers are trying to figure out how important is ethics in leadership and what ethical factors makes a leader more effective and effective. People still believe that ethics, communication, and skills collectively work together to be an effective and efficient leadership. In this article effectiveness and efficiency of leader is measured based on five factors: ethical communication, ethical quality, ethical collaboration, ethical succession planning, and ethical tenure. Researchers believe that through practice of factors mentioned above can result into an effective and efficient ethical leadership.

Keywords: leadership standard, ethical communication, ethical quality, ethical collaboration, ethical succession planning, and ethical tenure.


Leaders are the one that keep us on the right path, direction, and can lead us in better way. When we talk about leadership, we often think of famous individuals. We may think of great political personalities Washington, Churchill, and Roosevelt. We may think of the personalities of social movements Martin Luther King, Caesar Chavez. In fact,” leadership is many different things to different people in different circumstances” (Ensley, Hmieleski, & Pearce, 2006). In short a leader is a character (object) ranging from one to many different attributes with which he/she influence others to make them their followers willingly. It is very easy to have a vision but to accomplish it, depends upon how tough is that path that takes you up to that vision and what strategies do you adopt to accomplish it. A character who can utilize his abilities and recourses effectively and efficiently to produce maximum output while engaging his followers is an effective and efficient leader. “An effective and ethical leader makes others feel good about themselves, as well as the work they are doing. The leader has a vision of what she/he wants to achieve and can communicate that vision to others in a way that makes people want to be part of it” (Balthazard, Waldman, & Warren, 2009).

This article is based on previous findings which explain effects of ethical communication, ethical quality, ethical collaboration, ethical succession planning, and ethical tenure over leadership standards.


Leadership standards The leadership standard is the level at which a leader is to be seen by followers, competitors etc. The standard of leader ship is measured based on the different qualities an individual has and among those qualities ethics is one of them.

An effective ethical leader will create “candor“ in the work place.

Leaders always are willing to and have courage to bring innovation and change. The main objective of ethical leader is to bring relation of trust.


Ethical communication “Ethical communication plays vital role in enhancing leadership standards. Through effective and ethical communication, leaders always give proper directions. They set up standards and proper guideline for the team. During decision making process leaders have to communicate in groups, teams in and outside the organizations. “It is very important for effective leader that he should be soft spoken because leaders always




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