describing a work order

For this assignment, create a memo report presenting information about what you have found regarding a specific document in your profession, program, or current workplace.

Here are some ideas to help you think of documents to use: Incident Report, FLRA (Field Level Risk Assessment), Progress Reports, Work Order, Scholarship Application, etc.
Research: You will be required to provide research to support your claims. At least three sources (at least one primary source) are required. Choose a document that requires you to interview someone (primary source) to gain factual information regarding the document.
The memo report will be an informal report. It must be in memo format. You are informing a specific audience with factual information, not based on your opinion. You are presenting this information to inform those who know very little about the document.

There are four main questions to include in your report:

1. What is the document used for? Who is the audience? What is the purpose of the document?

2. What knowledge or skills are needed to complete this document?

3. What criteria is needed for the document to be successful? What specific details are required?

4. What format does this document use? (handwritten paper copy, electronic copy, etc.)

Make sure you have a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. Do not just answer the four questions. You will need to combine information into appropriate paragraphs to have a proper flow.

Details and Requirements

Must be in memo format. Refer to the Week 1 Agenda & Outcomes for memo format and content.
Heading: To, From, Date, Subject
Single-spaced paragraphs and double-spaced between paragraphs
Use headings for easy identification of specific sections in the memo
You may incorporate a bullet list to make certain criteria identifiable for your reader
Use 12 pt font Times New Roman for the entire document (headings included)
Keep the length to 2-3 pages
Address the Memo Report to the instructor.
Use MLA Format for in-text citations and Works Cited page (At least 3 sources are required. At least one primary source, but no more than two.)

you can describe any of the given examples. the on you’re most familiar with. thank you

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