Cultural background as a booster of female leadership

Exploring Women Leadership Experiences in Central Asia Countries turn into more specific topic related to heritage. Learning from your heritage. Cultural background as a booster of female leadership?
The objectives might be the following: Analyse the leadership experiences of female managers in Tajikistan, identify the relevance of the Soviet past values on leadership in modern context and etc
Research gap to be defined too. Explore these concepts: Social structure and identity
Heritage branding
Courage and Personality
Identity conflict??
Female leadership and courage
Intercultural management
Research questions could be:
What factors act as a barrier towards women participation to leadership positions in Tajikistan?
How culture, religion and norms can influence career path?
What are the experiences of being a woman leader in Tajikistan, a predominantly male-dominated culture and etc
Problem discription might include:
Relation between social structure and individual action?
Taxonomy_Cultural schemas
what is heritage collective history >>Knowledge
?? what’s culture? collective trauma memory ?
social memory How does it affect leadership???
Key words
Female employee
Good Leader
Cultural intelligence

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