cultivation theory and social cognitive theory

For this assignment, you will use cultivation theory and social cognitive theory from mass communication to explain, and/or predict the effects of mass media in the real world. You might apply the theories to explain how certain media content (e.g. TV shows, movies, music videos, video games, newspapers/magazines, etc.) might influence peoples knowledge, perceptions, attitudes, or even behaviors.

Your Theory Application Paper grade will be based on quantity, quality, and presentation; that is, the number of real-world applications you provide, how insightful they are, and how professionally you present them. Your paper MUST show clear writing, and few to no typographical or grammatical errors.

Each paper should be no less than 800 words and no more than 1200 words. You should include the following parts in each paper:

1. A brief account of the program under analysis; you can also provide a link or a copy of the item.

    If you use a television program, movie, or newscast, include the title and date you viewed it with a brief synopsis.

    If you access something online, include the URL.

2. A brief summary of the selected theory/theories

3. A detailed analysis by applying key concepts and hypothesis from the selected theory/theories                                                                       

Formatting requirements for the writing assignments are as follows:         

–  Typed, double-spaced       

–  12-point Times New Roman font; 1-inch margins on all sides (including top and bottom)         

–  References and in-text citations must follow APA guidelines

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