CRM- Mod 4 Disc.

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Instructors are to develop their own respective course materials. Hard copies and websites used and provided in this class are not to be shared with instructors in other classes.

Review the After-Action Report for the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing in Oklahoma City at the following site (You may need to copy and paste the ip address:

After your review of the entire document discuss your personal take-aways (Take-aways might include personal learning about the subject, applied learning, growth in understanding, knowledge development in the subject, improved awareness prompted by the materials, value-added to your subject matter toolbox, subject matter knowledge enhanced by the materials, etc.) related to what various NIMS components were executed/used and were considered operational strengths in the aftermath of the bombing.

The information at the following site is informational:

Remember to use proper APA in-text citations connected to your listed proper APA reference.

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