Critical Thinking Concepts

Select 2 articles of different disciplines from HBR or MIT Sloan Management Review or Academy of Management Perspective. Provide article name, author(s) name, year, journal, vol, issue, # of pages. For instance (Panicker, A., Agrawal, R.K. and Khandelwal, U. (2018), Inclusive workplace and organizational citizenship behavior, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal, Vol.37 No.6, pp.530-550)

Write 4-5 page report:

Summarize both the articles

Identify how critical thinking is applied. Is there any variance for different disciplines?

Identify which stage of critical thinking the article/author is. Provide your justification for the same

Which structure/form is more relevant for the selected article?

What are the main arguments in each article? What are the assumptions behind each argument? Evaluate the assumptions (Strong/Weak)

Provide Recommendations & conclusion

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