Critical Essay About: Improving Data Governance


I need your help for writing essay (4 pages not including the cover page and references page)  

The topic as below:

Effective information management and data governance are invaluable  to an organization. For this assignment, first explain the concept of  data governance and its importance within an organization. Then,  identify two organizations that have benefited from implementing a  technology that improved their data governance. These organizations may  be ones you have personal experience with or that you have identified  and studied through research. Briefly describe both organizations and  then answer the following questions for each:

  1. What technology did they implement?
  2. Why did they choose that technology?
  3. What business factors were evaluated prior to implementation?
  4. What information deficiencies existed prior to implementation?
  5. What benefits were gained after implementing the technology?
  6. Do the benefits associated with the technology outweigh the costs?



– Write an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essays body, and a conclusion paragraph to address the assignments guide questions. Do not address the questions using a question-and-answer format. 

-APA style should be used

-Font will be: Times roman 12, and double space should be between lines

-At least 3-4 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles will be used as references (including the below two).

Required Reference:

  • Joshi, A., Bollen, L., Hassink, H., De Haes, S., & Van Grembergen,  W. (2018). . Information  & Management, 55(3),  368380.
  • Kirkpatrick, K. (2018). . Communications of the ACM, 61(9), 1921.
  • Lewis, B. (2017). . Computerworld Hong Kong
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