I need you to edit this paper. The paper is very good, but I need you to edit it based on the feedback. Do not put too many edits. The only edits that I want are to ADD information where needed, but do not change things. Please add 1-2 more references and where it is lacking.

The CRJ505_ConceptPaper is the paper I need you to edit.

The ConceptPaperFeedback is the feedback from two students which I need you to use and edit my paper.

The topic was implementing a parole condition that would require individuals to: This action plan proposes that the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision in the state of New York make education as a condition for consideration for release on parole.

Please read the paper and make small edits. Plus include more information in the paragraph that talks about the agency. Please include more information about the description of the agency. Also, plus include at least 2 more references.

Also, please format the citations accordingly to what is shown in upload “Citation format”.
This is only an example of how a student formatted his references.  Again, this is only to show you how to format the paper do not copy those references.

In conclusion, edit the paper were slightly and only add things do not remove. Add the description of the agency then add 2 more references and format them at the end. Very minimal changes.

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