Course Work Review

Follow the instruction file. Please follow the word count. No less than 175 words and no more than 225 words  for each question. The attached files below are :


-Initial course review (For question 1)

-The upcoming degree program can be found in the following link. (For questions 2&3&4) I’ve completed BUS 515 and MGT 521.

-Question 4: Please reference the (Microsoft products & the Microsoft word resource help)as one of the student resources from week 1. I was able to download Microsoft word from the university. they also provided help on how to use Microsoft word.







Class Review Form

Jennifer Ramirez

Professor Claude Toland


September 14, 2019










Question 1

My Anticipations for the Course

In any course that a student do undertake, there are expectations which he or she will want to achieve at the end of the course program. I also being a student in the current class, there are many anticipations which I’m looking forward to achieve at the end of the course. To start with, at the end of this course, I anticipate to be in a position of doing analysis regarding the essential concepts of economics. Some of these concepts include utility, scarcity, individual wealth, social wealth, transferability, real wealth among many more concepts. Secondly, I’m looking forward towards effective evaluation of various legal as well as ethical issues in business besides being in a position to make a distinct assessment on the various functions of business management. Of the major functions of business management I anticipate to be acquainted with include; planning, organizing, staffing, leading as well as controlling. The next area that I anticipate to be well informed at by the end of this course is the various global forces that are affecting the market decisions and how they can be mitigated. On the section of accounting and finance, I also anticipate towards being in a position of comparing the two disciplines quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Finally, by the end of this course, I’m looking forward towards being in a position of analyzing the various impacts of information systems in business (Ferrel, Hirt, & Ferrel, 2018).


Question 2

Challenges that May Arise in the Course

It must be appreciated that this is not just a normal course like any other theoretical courses. This is because, the coverage of the course is the backbone to economics and every concept and analysis that will be undertaken in this course will require full understanding on the side of the students. To start with, first there will be time challenge as far as the course coverage is a concern. While the course has been subdivided into six weeks of coverage, it’s important to note that this is very limited time for the fully coverage of the course to the satisfaction of the students. Actually the main aim of the course is not just syllabus coverage rather, content understanding. This therefore calls for us students to fully dedicate our free time to the understanding of the various sections of the course. It’s from the understanding of the course that we will be able to appreciate its existence in our academic calendar.

The second challenge that I’m looking forward towards encountering in the course is a bit of calculations as well as analysis that will be involved within the course syllabus. While appreciating the fact that these calculation sections might be few, but the applications as well as the analysis sections which will be involving calculations has been give much weight in the course syllabus grading. Therefore this shows that this section must not be underrated (Ferrel, Hirt, & Ferrel, 2018).


Question 3

Challenging Weeks of the Course

From the course syllabus segmentation, weeks 1, 4, and 5 seems to be the one which will be somehow challenging as per my own perception. The reason as to why I’m saying so is very simple. First, for the first week, economics has got numerous concepts which are supposed to be covered within the time frame of one week. The challenge comes in when trying to differentiate one concept from the other because they almost look similar in meaning but totally different. Some of these concepts include scarcity and opportunity cost among many more others.

The fourth week seems to be challenging as per my opinion because, the market is the key term to be considered in economics, therefore, the market segmentation to be covered in this week four needs to be done in such a way that we as student gets to understand better the various markets and the effects they do encounter from external forces. The analysis part of these markets is also what seems to be challenging since numerous graphical work will be done in this section starting from simple to more complex graphs. The interpretation of these graphs will also be a great challenge. Finally the accounting cycle seems to be challenging due to the calculations as well as the many formulas that will be involved in this section (Ferrel, Hirt, & Ferrel, 2018).

















Ferrel, O. C., Hirt, G., & Ferrel, L. (2018). Business foundations: A changing world (11th ed.). New, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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