Corporation Change

Corporation Change

STEP 1: In this task, you will conduct a business analysis (or review) of your current company’s ability to change. What stands in the way of change? What types of leaders are currently leading? Is the corporate culture ready and willing to change?

Explain how to overcome some of the barriers you identify in this analysis. Remember, you don’t need to solve any issues that arise now. You are identifying issues and possible barriers to change in this assignment.

STEP 2: Study the corporate culture of your selected company in order to determine what change would have to occur to the current business in order to change. Your analysis should include:

1. A review of all current business processes,

2. The current corporate culture,

3. The current leadership styles of all leaders, and

4. Any other business facet that may need to change.

  • Some additional areas of review may include:
  • Type of corporate structure (top-down, flat);
  • The happiness factor of the employees;
  • Autonomy allowed the employees;
  • Flexibility of workplace and time;
  • Time employees and administration spend on social projects; or
  • any other issues that arise in your review.

Write a minimum of a 3 full-page paper that addresses the barriers to change your organization faces and how you will overcome those challenges. Use the information garnered from Steps 1 and 2 from above.

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