Constitutions in Saudi Arabia


This essay will be used for a part of a law presentation about Saudi Arabia. This means that it is not necessary to structure it like an essay. It should just be good to present. I would like you to write about the Constitution in Saudi Arabia. Who they are/what they do/ any important laws etc. It should be straight to the point, but with a good development. Feel free to include anything you think might be important. I will be talking for about three minutes, so it is important that i have as much information possible, but not always too complicated or too detailed such as in an essay. Thank you in advance and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Underneath you can find the marking criteria

Marking Criteria
The presentation will be given a unique final mark which will affect in the same way all the
students in the group. Marking criteria are based on:
Subject specific knowledge (breadth and depth of the content, ability of setting out
relevant issues, using relevant frameworks and theories covered during the module).
Use of subject specific language (use of technical marketing related language,
explanation of key terms, confident with material, aids understanding).
Appropriate application of theory to a real practical setting.
Structure of the presentation (logical structure followed, all the relevant parts
suggested in the table above are covered, easy to follow, visual aids are well
prepared, informative, effective, and not distracting, provides clear and consistent
message, each section relates to overall purpose).
Delivery of the presentation (Speed, eye contact, clarity, audibility and tone).
Response to questions (willing to answer questions, actively seeks questions).
Referencing (use of reliable academic sources).

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