Complete The Assignment

Complete The Assignment

HRT 4100-02-03-04 Assignment 3

Numbered Assignment 04: Eulogy


Who: If assigned, each person will individually complete and submit this assignment.

What: This assignment will take you through several steps to help ensure that you have a robust understanding of yourself and what is important to you personally.

When: The due date and time are posted in the syllabus. You can submit the assignment early. However, you will not be permitted to submit the assignment late.

Why: Some say that one cannot effectively manage and lead others effectively unless he or she first has a thorough understanding of him or herself.

How: Research, discover, think, re-think, reflect, have fun. Begin your answers immediately after each question. Begin your answer immediately after the question. Do not delete the instructions. If you choose, you may change the color of your ink and/or change to italics to help make your answer stand out. Plan to write about 3-5 pages or so including these instructions and questions.


1. Write the eulogy, which you would have someone deliver at a funeral or memorial services after you die. Before you begin writing, I advise you to search the terms, “eulogies” or “how to write a eulogy” to give some ideas that will help in getting you started.


2. After writing this eulogy, reflect on what it is that you wrote. Does this eulogy accurately describe the person that you consider yourself as being?


3. Think about discussing this assignment with a loved one or trusted friend to help determine whether the eulogy that you wrote describes you as an actual person. Be sure that the setting is appropriate before discussing this assignment with someone else, as you want to ensure that you have time and that he or she is not surprised by the topic.


4. Because a eulogy will expose some of your most personal and private thoughts, it is important that you discuss this eulogy with someone that you can be honest and vulnerable with instead of someone that might not provide thoughtful and/or caring feedback.



5. If, when discussing this assignment with a loved one or trusted friend, that person provides feedback indicating that your eulogy describes the more ideal you (the person that you aspire to being) instead of the actual you (the real you), is there a message here? For example, might that input suggest behavior changes that you may wish to consider?






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