esearch the different ways that managers and leaders use communication to guide their organizations.

Feel free to use the same organization you researched for the Unit VI Case Study. You are not limited to this organization, but it may be easier to complete the assignment since you have already researched the organization in Unit VI. You can use the same sources for both assignments, if applicable.

Find an instance where the organizational leader communicates directly with his or her employees, investors, or customers. Analyze the message, the channel, and the potential for feedback. Do you believe that it is effective? Do you believe that it is the same type of message that a manager would send? Why, or why not?

Remember to focus on the communication styles of both leaders and managers. Strive for an equal balance between the two types of communication styles in your assignment.

Example: The Apple events that occur in Cupertino whenever Apple unveils a new product or service are examples of the type of communication you should be analyzing in this assignment. During the events, CEO Tim Cook addresses an audience of employees, investors, and the general public. Cook uses multiple channels to communicate with the audience, including a live face-to-face discussion, live streaming of the discussion, and a recorded video. For the assignment, you would view one of the events, analyze Cook’s message and the effectiveness of the channels, and discuss the potential for feedback. Analyze whether or not the message is an effective example of leadership. Explain whether or not you believe a manager could, or should, use the same types of channels to relay a message. Would it be effective?

Note: You do not need to use Apple for this assignment. It is provided as an example only.

the standard five-paragraph format (introduction/body/conclusion).

Include at least two academic sources. APA format should be used.

The assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.


Unit VI: Case Study: Communication Style











Unit VI: Case Study: Communication Style

Kim-Rochelle Harker

Organizational Communication

Columbia Southern University

8 November 2019









Organizational Communication Style

Communication strategy is an important piece bridging the situation analysis and the implementation of a social and behavior change communication (SBCC) program. Communication strategy can be used for both internal and external communication. It is a written plan that shows how an SBCC will attain its vision given the current situation. Communication strategy entails four components; communication goals, target audience, communication plan and channels. A good communication strategy helps the business to succeed by building the identity, image and reputation of the organization (Nelson, 2009). A good communication strategy help spreading the right message to different constituencies both internal and external.

In this case study, Walmart will be my point of interest. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores, hypermarkets and grocery stores. The corporation gained massive growth due to its corporates communication strategy which is linked to its organization’s mission and identity of serving customers. Walmart communication strategy enables the company to attain its market objectives and minimize opposition to its low-cost strategy. Three key factors in Walmart’s communication strategy include; corporate communication strategy aligns with corporates strategic goal, internal communication and customer satisfaction.

Corporate communication strategy aligns with corporate strategic goal. Walmart’s mission statement states “As Walmart continues to grow into new areas and new mediums, our success will always be attributed to our culture. Whether you walk into a Walmart store in your home town or one across the country while on vacation, you can always be assured of getting low prices and genuine customer service. You will feel at home in any department of any store…. That’s our culture.” The corporation focuses on two key points; low price products and good customer service. Sam Walton the founder and CEO of Walmart says that Walmart is a family friendly store, it is good to its customers and the organization is an asset to the local community. The corporation’s message to all their constituencies aim to promote low price and best customer service as well.

Internal communication. Internal communication is very important in business corporation. Every person in the corporation has to be well informed and updated about organization’s vision, mission and value. They should be aware of what happened to the organization as well. Walmart corporation resorts to traditional communication methods and strategies to perform its internal communication. They mostly write notices and newsletters to communicate internally. They inform the staff and keep them updated on issues concerning the organization. The organization makes use of bulletins boards and notice boards to communicate official information. The bulletins and newsletters are placed strategically so that every employee can access them. Nevertheless, the management has observed that employees hardly take notice of these communication techniques now days. To counter this employee are given information through written memos that they should read and then sign. Internal communication also takes place during face to face meetings conducted by Walmart’s management at regular intervals.

External communication involves exchange of information between one organization and other organizations. This communication is done to build brand image, and convey products quality to stakeholders of the organization. Walmart corporation use newspapers, pamphlets, leaflets, newspaper inserts, magazines and brochures accomplish external communication. Mobile communication, email, internet broadcasting, video conferencing and social network websites are some of electronic communication methods used by Walmart to attain both internal and external communication.

Customer satisfaction. Walmart is a huge retailer corporation serving customers from diverse backgrounds, social classes, religion and beliefs among others. Communication is a big challenge that Walmart has to deal with to achieve customer satisfaction. According Frank 2009, Wal-Mart employ large number of employees which differ in age, culture, gender and personalities. Through this Walmart provides special services to their customers by offering the service that match with customer background and living styles. Employees can speak the language of their customers thus making it easier for the corporation to convey intended message. Walmart uses non-complicated messages to advertise local products to the American people.

Previously, I was working as a receptionist at Landmark hotel. The hotel is located at the City thus it serves customers from all over the world. The hotel should make sure that its corporate communication strategy aligns with corporate strategic goal. The hotel aims at creating a friendly environment to its customers. The company’s mission statement states “To be a world class hotel providing quality services to our esteem customers, feel at home away from home.” The company’s communication strategy should prove to both internal and external audiences that they are providing quality services. Landmark hotel management should employ Walmart’s communication strategy to improve customer satisfaction. Employees should be issued with memos that they should sign after reading. Official communication should be done during face to face meeting. This will enable the management to deal with immediate reaction from employees. Emails and video conferencing should be used to communicate with employees at other landmarks hotel branches in other parts of the country. Better communication strategy will increase the organization’s customer satisfaction.























Nelson L. (2009). The retail revolution: how Wal-Mart created a brave new world of business. Metropolitan books, New York.

Mulhern, F 2009 Intergraded marketing communication: from media channels to digital connectivity. Journal of marketing communications.

Frank, T. (2006) A brief history of Wal-Mart, Washington.

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