close reading table


Please download and fill in the attached table, which looks like the one we used in class over Robert Frost’s poetry…but with one exception: It is blank!

Please fill in the chart as best you can, using Sherwood Anderson’s (Sherwood Anderson Winesburg, Ohio, Norton) writings as your primary source. Remember that the “Evidence” column should contain quotes from the literature, the “Analysis” column is for explaining what that quote shows or “clues us in about,” and the “Claim” column is for making 1-2 short statements that go “against the grain” of just plot summary. The table will adjust as you type.

Give it a whirl–I know this is the first time most of you have done this completely on your own so am not out to get anyone. We will look at some of them on Thursday in class–I will ask your permission to show them and no names will be attached unless you want them publicly known (provided you agree).

Please post completed tables here by noon  of the day on Tuesday, 2/5.

the reading is  “Sherwood Anderson Winesburg, Ohio, Norton”

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