Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

DB1: What I’ve observed

Identify your present or past manager as being more transformational or transactional. Explain why and include examples. Must be at least 250 words.

DB2: Case Study

Read the case study, Ursula Burns: Xerox’s Chairwoman and CEO, at the end of the chapter. Answer the questions below :

  1. In your opinion is Ursula Burns more of a charismatic, transformational or transactional leader? Or, is she all of these leadership types?
  2. Exhibit 9.4 identifies transformational and charismatic leader behaviors.  In your opinion, which of the behavioral components does Ms. Burns exemplify
  3. According to the leadership continuum model of Tannenbaum and Schmidt, where would you put Ursula Burns based on the facts of the case (Chapter 4)?
  4. One of the characteristics of effective teams is the presence of a capable and competent team leader (Chapter 8). Chapter 8 describes different activities of the team leader in creating an effective team (see Exhibit 8.1), including turning obstacles into opportunities. Would you describe Ursula Burns as an effective team leader?

Be sure to support your answers with specific information from the case, or information you get from the Internet.

Kouzes, J. & Posner, B. (2012). The leadership challenge : how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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