Change Management (Danny Meyer And Hospitality)

Change Management (Danny Meyer And Hospitality)

Q.  Using  Kotters 8 steps, analyze the realities of Danny Meyer. S/W/O/T analysis is also helpful in the P&G framework.

I have attached the kotters 8 step grid below, where the assignment needs to be done.

I am also attaching PDF’s of the readings

Please read all the attachments thoroughly and analyse it through Kotter’s 8 steps.

Fall 2016: BUSS 330 Managing Change

Kotter’s Eight Steps to Transforming Your Organization

1 Establishing a Sense of Urgency  
2 Forming a Powerful Guiding Coalition  
3 Creating a Vision  
4 Communicating a Vision  
5 Empowering colleagues to act on the Vision  
6 Planning for and creating short-term Wins  
7 Consolidating improvements & Producing still more Change  
8 Institutionalizing New Approaches
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