Case Study Critique 1

202020 Spring 2020 CJUS 530-B05 LUO

You are required to write critiques of 1 case studies in the course based on the articles provided in the assigned modules/weeks Reading & Study folders.
Each case study critique must be between 35 pages (not including the title, abstract, and reference pages) in current APA format and must discuss the major facts of the case. You must tell whether or not you believe the right decisions were made and why. Follow the guidelines listed below:
    Identify the important facts in the case study.
    What decisions were or were not made in the case study?
    Do you believe the decisions or best practices were appropriate?
    Discuss any alternative solutions to the problem and support those solutions with additional research (in other words, support your solution with similar cases).
    Make sure each section is labeled appropriately (Facts, Decision, Alternative Solution, Conclusion).
    Citation style: current APA
    All papers must use the following format: Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1 margins from left to right and top to bottom, and double spaced.
    Do not forget to review the grading rubric.
Each case study will be due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned module/week.

Textbook Readings
More et al: chs. 78
Riccucci: chs. 78

More, Vito, & Walsh eText: Ch. 7
More, Vito, & Walsh eText: Ch. 7

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