C++ Programming Project – Puzzle Solver

make a C++ program that takes input a .txt through std (cin, getline, etc) of a map puzzle, and find solution from start to finish. Meant to utilize stacks and queues, whichever option is inputted. Attached is a pdf that explains in great detail the assignment and what’s needed. For this class (EECS 281 at University of Michigan), the programs are made through visual studio and should run without fault of that IDE. It would be easiest to code it all in one .cpp file, but if you’d rather you can create different dependencies in .h files, you’ll just need to add that in the Makefile (which I’ll attach). I’ve also attached another students work on this project for your reference, but this has to be new work, so just use it to understand what the program should do. This program also uses getopt, so I’ve attached both getopt.h and getopt.c files, and a file that explains how to use it with visual studio. Will pay whatever is necessary.

Files included in zip:
Project1_W20.pdf (detailed nstructions of assignment)
Project1_the_STL_and_You_Puzzle.pdf (some info of c++ STL for use in project)
Visual_Studio_Installing_Using.pdf (using visual studio for the project, how to use and update with getopt files for use in project)
puzzle.cpp (example of project, but this assignment should be new work, so use only as reference to see how one example might work)
Makefile (use as resource file in visual studio to compile, if needed. The only thing you should need to change is the name of the .cpp that contains the main() function and add any dependencies if needed).
getopt.c and getopt.h (used for choice input, must be used in project. Visual Studio pdf shows how to add these files to the software for use.
P1-sample-windows folder (files that show some input options for troubleshooting and how output should look. instructions talk about these in more detail.)

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