Boeing company is headquartered in Chicago and company  is the leading maker of commercial airplanes, defense aircrafts, missiles and satellites. Company mainly provides two business solutions: Commercial Airlines and Integrated Defense. Boeing has customers  in 71 countries and strong work force of 150,000 people. (Boeing Corporate Website)

As a leader in the aerospace industry The Boeing Company is a leading maker of commercial and military airplanes, satellites, and missiles. Business planning at The Boeing Company is a very complicated process because it is influenced by internal and external factors that can involve legal and ethical issues, while maintaining corporate and social responsibilities. Factors such as economic conditions, laws, and competition directly influence the strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Boeing has been able to maintain success for many years due to their strong ethics and planning abilities.
The planning process can be complicated by legal issues, which can put the company in an awkward position. In 2000, 38 women filed a class action in Seattle against The Boeing Company for pay discrimination (Business Week, 2004). Even though there was clear evidence that pay differential existed, the company was slow in handing over the documents to the plaintiffsattor

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