Behavior Lesson Plan


This week you will develop and implement a mini-behavior lesson plan using the template provided. You will upload a copy of the lesson to the discussion board forum 

For the initial post, you will write a reflection that addresses the following questions: what teaching behaviors were expected in the lesson,  what were the expected behaviors of the learner(s), what actually happened in the lesson, what worked? what did not work? what would you do differently with a similar student or group of students? Why is it important to teach behavior in the same manner that you teach reading or math?

It is important that you cite your points using the textbook and learning resources. You may also use other scholarly literature to support your discussion. Citations and references must be in APA format. See the grading rubric for details. 

Initial Post: You are required to make an initial post to the discussion board prompt. Make sure your initial post thoroughly addresses all parts of the prompt. Your comments should be clearly and concisely stated, demonstrating that the content was appropriately reviewed and synthesized. Include in-text citations and references in APA format. Utilize, paraphrase, and summarize your text, course resources, and other scholarly literature to support your posts.  Your initial discussion board post is due by Wednesday of the week. 

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