Balancing goals and empowering others

Leaders are required to focus on several key areas that have vast impacts. Focusing on goals, leaders must understand the balance between setting goals that are achievable for an agency and raising the bar of expectations in order for personnel to exceed previous levels of performance. Failure to make goals attainable could result in a lack of effort by those tasked with attempting to reach the goals. Making goals too attainable could result in complacency.

Strategic planning is also connected to goal setting and is an important leadership function. The implementation of a strategic plan requires the assigning of projects and goals, both to individuals and throughout an organization. You will find that many of the people utilized in the implementation have never started anything from scratch.

In your main post:

Explain how a leader balances setting attainable goals against raising the bar to set the stage for enhanced performance.
Describe how a leader empowers individuals involved in strategic planning to seize the opportunity and work outside their own comfort zones.
Propose two best practices for optimizing employee performance through the setting of goals specific to a criminal justice organization.
Assess the possible impacts of empowerment in the strategic planning process, using two criminal justice organization examples.

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