Article Discussion 4

Book name attached

Use information from your book and/or research on your own using the PBSC Library online resources to answer the topics below.

Imagine you must fire an employee. What effect might the dismissal have on remaining employees? Explain how you would tell the employee and other subordinates.
Explain the importance of human resource management, and describe current issues in managing human resources, outline the steps in selecting and appraising employees, and describe the ways employees can move through a company.
Industrial B2B companies sell goods such as steel, lumber, computers, engines, parts, and supplies to other companies. Please find information about one such company. Please share the name of the company and what types of organizations buy their products? What kinds of sales and marketing strategies would these industrial companies need to use?
The following requirements must be met to ensure full credit for discussions:
Your original post should be a minimum of 100 words.
Read and respond to at least one of your peer’s postings. These responses should be substantive posts that contribute to the conversation by asking questions, respectfully debating positions, and presenting supporting information relevant to the topic. Also, respond to any follow-up questions the instructor directs to you in the discussion area.
Cite all sources using APA Style format
Discussions are worth 30% of your total grade.

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