Article 3

Article 3

“How to, Maybe, Be Less Indecisive (or Not)”

NY Times

June 13, 2019.

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· New York Times is a media company focused on creating, collecting and distributing news and information. It also works on a business principle of distributing the content created by its newsroom through its web, print as well as the mobile phone.

· Chief Executive Officer (President) and Director is Mark Thompson

· Chief Financial Officer is Ronald A. Caputo

· Chief Operating Officer (Vice President) is Meredith Kopit Levien

· Headquarters is in Manhattan, New York

· Total employees are about 4,320

· The company has several subsidiary branches across the world

· Total revenue of approximately $1.74 billion

Article Topic/Issue

The main topic of the article is how to spend less time struggling and more time enjoying. It is about time management and decision making.

Book Topic:

Strategic Planning and Management: Decision Making, Planning, and Strategy. Contemporary Management, 10TH Edition, 2017, Part Three, page 214.

Summary and Analysis

The author, Susan Shain is trying to communicate on how one can make better decisions under limited time and how the fear of making effective choices can lead to the condition of near paralysis. Again, the plenty of choices one has can be overwhelming sometimes as to where most of the people are operating now is far from what they needed. Further, the author gives some effective tips on how to spend less time struggling over making decisions and having more time appreciating the outcomes. For instance, going for what is good enough where she illustrates how indecision and perfectionism go hand in hand. Another strategic thing one needs to do is outsourcing the decisions, employing the ‘90% rule’, creating thought experiments, giving it a try and remembering it’s just a dot along the way. Thus, the author is trying to show the concept of decision making and management approach in day to day life and how one can do the expected thing to get a solution to a problem. Contemporary Management, 10TH Edition, 2017, Part Three, page 214.

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