Student will review and critique Article of their choice.

Article should be related to the Industry/Field student wishes to pursue for career path OR Business Related OR Health Care topic.

Article Assignment – Typed Report is on any relevant Healthcare or Business Article: Students may complete assignment and submit early.  Report is also graded on contents, relevance to career field, spelling, and grammar. (Student may review HealthCare Management, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, INC, Money, Forbes, other relevant article, or a scientific journal article.)   

Reports must include: 1) article name, 2) source of article, 3) date of article published, 4) article author (if unavailable, state so, example: associated press), 5) student must discuss the contents of the article, 6) explain the proposed purpose of the article (example target audience, goal of article, etc.), 7) include discussion on the influence of the article contents on businesses and/or healthcare (locally, nationally, or internationally), 8) discuss what this means to you as a student, potential business owner or potential healthcare provider, 9) conclude with students opinion on the article. (1-2 pages, 12 point font, double spaced).

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