Answer The Questions

Answer The Questions

Friday Online Assignment 7 Chapter 15: Behavior


Assigned Monday 11/11; due Monday 11/18, 11:59 pm.

Weight: 25 points


In this week’s assignment, you will take thee MBTI test and the EI test; you will also score your test and discuss your score.


-What did the result help you learn about yourself?

-Did what you learn align with what you thought of yourself?

-Are there any areas of improvements? What are these? How are you going to improve these areas?



1)The MBTI® is a popular personality-assessment instrument.

It classifies individuals as exhibiting a preference in four categories:

Extraversion or introversion (E or I)

Sensing or intuition (S or N)

Thinking or feeling (T or F)

Judging or perceiving (J or P)


Please use attachment to take the MBTI Test



2)EI Test

Please use the following links to take a free EI test; score your test and write your results.

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