Answer Chapter Question

Answer Chapter Question

Leadership and Strategy

Chapter 08: Questions


1. What is the purpose of this chapter?

2. What is the overarching goal of strategic planning?

3. What team has the responsibility for creating the strategic plan?

4. List and briefly discuss 3 ways in which strategic planning benefits an organization.

5. List and briefly describe how strategic planning flows from top to bottom through three layers.

6. List (do not discuss now) the 13 strategic planning steps.

7. We begin our focus with agreeing on the need for strategic planning. Briefly describe what happens during the confidential interviews.

8. Briefly describe the minutes review.

9. Briefly describe an operational audit.

10. Briefly describe an environmental scan.

11. Identify and briefly describe 4 methods used in setting the tone.

12. Identify and briefly describe 5 methods used in making decisions.

13. What is unique to the other methods about decision by consensus?

14. We now switch gears and focus on input. When referring to input, briefly describe conducting focus groups.

15. Identify and briefly discuss the 3 reasons for surveys.

16. Identify and briefly discuss 9 well-informed organizations’ survey similarities.

17. List and briefly discuss the 8 guidelines in creating an effective survey.

18. Competitive analysis. Briefly discuss the competitive analysis and its 3 methods of surveying.

19. Planning retreat. What is the purpose of the planning retreat?

20. What are values and beliefs to an organization?

21. Vision. Explain the purpose of vision to an organization.

22. List and briefly discuss 4 secrets of creating a strategic vision and mission.

23. List and briefly discuss the 4 generic business-level strategies.

24. How does one connect the vision with operations? (Use the 4 suggestions in the text).

25. Mission. Define mission and discuss how mission differs from vision.

26. List and briefly discuss 3 mission statement elements for consideration.

27. Goals. How do goals relate to creating strategy?

28. Discuss the difference between strategic planning and strategic implementation.

29. List and briefly discuss the 3 types of goal timelines.

30. Objectives. Define and discuss the difference between strategic and operational objectives.

31. SWOT. What is the purpose of conducting a SWOT?

32. Discuss the difference between strengths and weaknesses.

33. In what way can a strength also be identified as a weakness and why is this okay?

34. Overall and by definition, what is the fundamental difference between SW and OT?

35. Discuss the difference between opportunities and threats.

36. What is meant by aligning strength with opportunity?

37. What is meant by aligning weakness with opportunity?

38. What is meant by aligning strength with threat?

39. What is meant by aligning weakness with threat?

40. What is the strategy statement?

41. What is meant by enhancing differentiation?

42. What is meant by enhancing superiority?

43. What is meant by innovating?

44. What is meant by revolution?

45. List and briefly explain 5 types of allocation of resources.

46. List and briefly discuss 3 types of budgeting.

47. What is an economic model and what is another common term used for an economic model?

48. Action plan. What is the role of the action plan?

49. Assessing progress. What is the role of assessing progress in a strategic plan?

50. List and briefly discuss 3 disconnects between strategy and long-term planning.

51. In treating the strategy as a living element, what 2 important reasons are given for the committee becoming the gatekeeper?

52. List and briefly explain the steps in the model for organizational change.

53. List and briefly explain 4 guidelines in setting operations strategies.

54. What is the difference between objective and subjective terms?

55. Define and briefly discuss elements of a scorecard.

56. What is a dashboard and what is its purpose?

57. List and discuss elements of reviews and variance meetings.

58. List and briefly discuss 5 methods for helping ensure the strategic plan is utilized.

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