Analyzing an Online Magazine

Choose ( or (
Spend time reviewing the material.
Answer the following questions using a Q/A format.
Write your answers in complete sentences.
Save your assignment as name and assignment (ex: Selena SWA 2)

  1. Scan the magazine. What kinds of subjects or topics does the magazine cover
  2. Look at the average length of articles. How much depth and analysis are provided?
  3. Consider the magazine’s readership. Does the magazine appeal to a particular political or social groups (liberal/conservative, male/female, young/old, white collar/blue collar, general readership)?
  4. Select an article and read the content. would you characterize the prose as difficult or easy? Intellectual or popular? Are the paragraphs long or short? How are headings, inserts, visuals, and other page-formatting features used? What is the writer’s purpose? How does each writer hope to surprise the intended audience with something new or challenging or valuable?
  5. What advice would you give to someone interested in writing for this magazine?

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