Analysis Assignment

Analysis Assignment

Here are insgtructions, sample reports and data sets – two dats sets:  one for Chi Square and one for ANOVA.  These are the same files found in the “FIles” folder for “Assignments”.  You will do well to work with others to get this done, but everyone needs to submit a paper.

ARE 112 – Fall 2019 Analysis Project Due on Canvas by Thursday December 5th

The objective of the analysis assignment is to give you an opportunity to see the application of quantitative methods in organizational issues. As discussed in class, quantitative tools give factual support to management’s intuition. It is simple to do and should take you no more than an hour or so to do. The submission is on individual basis but you are encouraged to work with your group or with others on the assignment – teamwork is good. There is/will be a video on Canvas for each of the applications: Chi Square and ANOVA. Here is what you will do and screen shots are included for your ready reference. Grading: 8 points for the analysis, 2 points for format: two pages and most, use wrap text for tables.


1. The data files in Excel are in the “Analysis” folder on Canvas and here are screen shots of the data. The first data set is for the Chi Square test to see if the management training program was related to the promotion of managers.

The second data set is for the ANOVA test to see if there was a difference in the employee satisfaction by office.


2. We will use SPSS to do the analysis. You can use other statistical tools like GRETL or Shazam but not Excel. To use SPSS do the following:


a. You can download a free 30-day trial version to get to this web page

b. Go down on this web page to the link for the SPSS trial version








c. Then take the “Start trial” link to get to the page to sign up for am IBM account.


d. You will then get the normal instrsuctions to download an application.







3. SPSS will look like Excel but it is more rigid so you need to be careful. If you get a screen like this just cancel the top screen and get to the screen that looks like Excel:

4. Now load the Chi Square file – you will find that data file on Canvas and you should download the file so you have access to it. Go to File → Open →Data.

5. You will get a screen that lets to find your two data sets from Canvas depending where you saved them. IMPORATANT – SPPS WILL LOOK FOR AN SPSS FILE SO YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE FILE TYPE TO EXCEL WITH THE PULL-DOWN MENU

6. Now load the file – we will do Chi Square first and your screen will look like this. It tells SPSS the location of the data. Just take the “OK” option.

7. The SPSS screen will look like this – the data is loaded. We want to see if there is a relationship between the the training program and if the managers were promoted.

8.  Take the Analyze menu on top and take Analayze →Descriptive→Crosstabs


9. Now in the dialog box push the two factors in any order to the “rows” and “columns” and then in the Cells option take the ones shown here. And in the Statistics option take the Chi-Square

Then take the OK and you will get the output on the next page.

Since the Pearson Chi-Square is less than 0.05 we can say the differences see in the table to the left – like the one from class – is not due to just chance.


Your short write-up should explain what the circled results mean in your output, not this example – just one paragraph.





10. Now load the ANOVA data set like you did the Chi Square data set. It will look like this. We want to determine if the level of employ satisfaction is the same in our four offices.

11. Now do Analyze →Compare Means → One-way ANOVA. And in the dialog box do the following:

a. Dependent is the satisfaction

b. Factor is the office

c. Under “Post Hoc” take the “Tukey” option to get the test of homogeneity.


You will see the ANOVA table has p-value of 0.000 so the levels of satisfaction are not the same in each office.




In your short write up you should explain (in one paragraph) what is meant by the “Homogenous Subsets”.









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