American History Discussion 3

Read the linked document, a selection taken from The Ills of the South, written by Charles H. Okten, a Mississippi Baptist preacher, and schoolteacher, in which he describes conditions for Black Americans under the sharecropping and crop-lien system.
Review and identify information on the linked site Reconstruction the Second Civil War: Slave to Sharecropper, for information to support your discussion. ( The Ills of the South) ( Slave to Sharecropper)

After you have completed your readings post your response to only ONE of the following questions:
Discuss one of these statements: Were the Black Codes another form of slavery? OR Were Sharecropping and Crop-Lien another form of slavery?  OR Were Jim Crow Laws another form of slavery? Support your position.
Based on Okten’s statements, discuss how the system created a “vicious cycle’?
Consider the following statement:  The persistence of racism in both the North and the South lay at the heart of Reconstruction’s failure. Agree or disagree, and explain your position.

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