About toy Store

Case study:

Read and complete the case study titled Wish You Wood Toy Store that is on textbook so I have attached the complete case study in the picture attachments below.

Read the entire case study and answer the 2 questions that immediately follow it.
Submission Details:
* Paper should be approximately 500-750 words total.
* APA format for your citations when writing up the case.
* Use the attached document to develop your ideas.
Please review the sample case study that is attached. This is the work of a previous student that scored fairly well on this assignment. Please do not copy this case study but use it as a guide to understand my expectations for this case.

> I have included a sample case study for your reference
> I have included the questions in the next doc please read the story about the store in the image attached.


Additional instructions while writing paper:

Approach to Writing Your Case Analysis:  As a result of the readings for this week’s assignments, and the use of scholarly sources that are from scholarly sites and libraries – you are to write your own analysis of the case.  Do not depend on the analysis of a case study performed by others and pulled from the Internet.  As current or future leaders it is essential that you be learning to analyze problems yourself, and so don’t refer to results you might find elsewhere and put them in your papers because I can guarantee that will certainly get you into trouble.  If you think for yourself when writing the analysis and use outside sources to support the position that you take with the case study, you will be on the right track.  And be sure to use proper APA format as that is an expectation of all written work in this class.

the sample case in attachments below is just an example so your case study should not match that example either.  We want to see your analysis of the case based on your own original thinking as those is the skills you should be developing in this MBA degree program.


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