A short refliction

Start by choosing another culture youre interested in. It could be ancient (Rome, Maya, Inca, Persia, etc.), medieval (Britain, Italy, the Holy Land), or modern (America or literally anywhere). Do a little research on your own to figure out what the funerary rituals for that culture. Consider, for example, what we know Mayan funerary rituals, how we know that, and what that reveals about Mayan religious, social, and cultural beliefs. Spend at least 150 words writing up what we know about the funerary beliefs of that culture. Then spend at least another 150 words comparing those funerary rituals to those mentioned regarding Homers description of Achilles commemoration of Patroclus. Make sure to note at least 2 similarities and 2 differences.
I also post 2 additional readings might help.

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