617 Paper

617 Paper

Develop a statement of business ethics, “code of ethics,” for your startup company.  The statement should be written with the expectation that your company will be successful and therefore be adding employees and expanding into other markets. You should review the information provided in the lesson and textbook. You may also want to research examples of business ethics codes of current businesses. Your paper must include an assessment of what you hope to accomplish with each statement in your code of ethics and what practical steps you can take to find out if your employees are in conformity with your ethical standards.

Note: this is a graduate course and therefore expectations are substantially higher. While addressing the assigned tasks you should avoid relying on generic statements which are difficult to enforce. For example, consider the following statement, “Our Company expects all employees to maintain high level of ethical standards.”  With this statement as the ethical standard for the company, it may be possible to identify and enforce a lapse of ethical standards in an employee when the lapse is something that is so clearly inappropriate that no reasonable person would question the lapse. Well written business policy statements can be written with the same type of clarity that many people use when constructing goals. In its purest form establishing business ethical standards is very similar to goal setting. Therefore, you might consider using one of the most well-known formulas for setting goals. With the exception of the “T” which stands for “timed”, “S.M.A.R.T”, the acronym for setting goals can be used as a starting point in writing your business ethics statements and will help you in developing and actionable code of business ethics for your company.

Minimum 2 pages

Minimum 2 scholarly sources

Please review attached assignment rubric

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