3 Questions


Q1: What is the definition of project management? How is project management different from program management? What are some of the selection criteria used in support of starting a project? What is the difference between a revenue bearing project versus a capital project? Give an example.

DQ2: What is the role of a project manager? What are their responsibilities? Would you want to be a project manager? Why or why not?

DQ3: Project teams can be geographically dispersed and composed of different cultures. What are some of the challenges with culturally dispersed project teams? What are some of the benefits derived from culturally dispersed project teams? What is the relationship between multicultural communications and managerial behavior? Have you experienced a multicultural business environment?

600 words. APA style.

Required text:

 Kloppenborg, Timothy J. (2012). Contemporary project management (2nd ed.). Thompson Learning. ISBN: 978-0-538- 47702-4 

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