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Please refer to some of the readings and videos in this discussion as you share your thoughts.

What do you think about the DSM-5 description of the symptoms?

Any comparisons/contrasts between the treatment John Nash encountered and the Open Dialogue approach?  Could the US implement and find success with an open dialogue approach with those who experience hallucinations and delusions?

Simply share your thoughts about all you have read and viewed. Remember to use references at least in your first post if not in other responses.


Anderson Cooper had the opportunity to receive a feel for what people with schizophrenia go through daily. A woman would ask him a series of questions while he was listening to the voices that were being played back to him through the cassette tape. What Anderson found were these voices were very distracting; the voices and sounds could be soothing or harsh when being played back to him. Anderson found it frustrating because he could not think, focus, or partake in any actions. According to Wilson (2014), it is incredibly distracting on the street to have someone talking in your head; it makes you feel completely isolated from everyone else. Anderson stated at times; you might want to yell, or engage with the voices in your head because they are either positive or negative. He also said this was a very unpleasant experiment he has ever done. This video speaks volumes on what a person with schizophrenia goes through. One moment they are okay, and the next moment the person can become depressed, angry, and isolating themselves. 

            When creating the DSM-5 and the past books with their symptoms, the DSM-5 booklet makes up more than 160 world-renowned clinicians and researchers. They review scientific literature and garnering input from a breadth of advisors as to the basis for proposing draft criteria. Many of the changes were made to characterize better symptoms and behaviors of groups of people who are currently seeking clinical help but whose symptoms are not well defined by DSMIV. The creators of the DSM hope to be more accurately defining disorders. Diagnosis and clinical care will be improved, and new research will be facilitated to further a practitioner’s understanding of mental disorders.

The symptoms of Schizophrenia in the DSM-5 booklet are Schizophrenia, it involves a range of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional symptoms, and it can be challenging to diagnose. For Schizophrenia, some of the symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, Grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior, and diminished emotional expression. There are other symptoms of Schizophrenia, but referencing to these symptoms and hospital. Some individuals need to be diagnosed by childhood, for them to be accepted with this diagnosis and medicated.

            Some of the disorders in the DSM-5, an individual needs to experience and show proof they are experiencing the disorder. In other words, the DSM says people need to show more than four or five symptoms to be diagnosed with the disease they came in for. About Schizophrenia, this is a disorder which is hard to prove one has this disorder; it goes with the disorder Dissociative Identity disorder. Very few people in this world even have this disorder, if at all. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (2018), a person with this disorder is anywhere from 1.5% to 2% in this world. The population in this world who are correctly diagnosed with Schizophrenia is 1.2% in this world. These statistics show how uncommon Schizophrenia is, how accurately diagnosed the individuals are, and what symptoms are being displayed and being correctly written in the DSM-5. 


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