1Factors influencing how “Investment Oriented” an organization is does not i

1Factors influencing how “Investment Oriented” an organization is does not includea. an attitude toward risk.b. the impact of technology.c. the principle of utilitarianism.2. Employers favor telecommuting since ita. helps reduce turnover.b. eliminates overtime costs.c. creates more supervisor-employee relationships.3. Today’s workforce is very diverse. The generation that fails to see the need to work from an office or for a particular employer, opting for more transient and variable project work isa. Generation X.b. Generation Y.c. Baby Boomers.4. A difficult and generally limited document to construct but one of the most important in creating an organization’s strategy is it’sa. Code of Ethics.b. mission statement.c. core competencies.5. All of the following are barriers to strategic HR EXCEPTa. HR managers often have insufficient general management training to understand the entire organizationb. is that in most organizations adopt a short-term mentality and focus on current performance.c. budget shortfalls creates the lack of planning and strategizing.23. Many companies are having employees sign _____________________ agreements to ensure that the work developed by its employees stays with the employer when the employee leaves.a. noncompeteb. a patent statementc. intrapreneurship clause24. There are four powerful principles for a high-performance work system (HPWS) to become successful. Which principle is critical for the success of empowerment and involvement initiatives in the organization?a. Principle of Egalitarianismb. Principle of Shared informationc. Principle of Knowledge development25. In Hofstede’s model of cultural differences among countries which country focuses more on individualism than collectivism?a. Greeceb. Japanc. Italy26. A feminine society is one that emphasizesa. assertiveness and achievement.b. achievement and interpersonal relationships.c. interpersonal relationships and welfare of others.27. In Hall’s studies of how cultures communicate in terms of silent “languages” a culture that signifies power, success, and status is the considered to be the language ofa. agreement.b. friendships.c. material goods.28. High-performance work systems usually begin with how the work is designed. To help designing work reengineering is one process as well as ______________________.a. the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)b. a Resource-based view (RBV)c. Total Quality Management (TQM)29. In developing a HPWS companies such as Shell Canada, Nortel Networks and Honeywell pay employees based on the number of different job skills they have. This is an example ofa. skill-based pay plans.b. an all salaried workforce.c. gainsharing or profit-sharing plans.30. A valuable partner in implementing a HPWSa. are line managers.b. is the HR function.c. is the CEO or senior managers.

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