1- [9} Dtemm Legal Rules Chapter 5 nf the heat:

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1- [9} Dtflemm Legal Rules Chapter 5 nf the heat»: discusses the smear-nee af fnur different legal rules appliedtn the case at" sparks generated by a single rallrclad’s trains causing fires beside lts tallline by cansldering numerical ertamplu- In my lecture nates, "Hates an Chapter 5 nf theBank", far the case in Twhich all Ute land beside the rail line is farmed by a single farmerand in rnrl’dnh bargaining is prahihitirely expensive, I generalized the analysis ta treat anycanihinatlnrt at" casts. Consider the fallawing cnmhinatian at casts: f= 5fl,s=25.r= 1|]a] [-1] Indicate me efficient autcantel and whether applicatian nf each nf legal rules 11 2,and 4 yields the efficient autccunre.h] [3} Cnnsider cine sitttatlen in whlch applicatlnn af cine nfthe legal TING gives rise tainefficiency. Explain me seurce at the Inefficlency.c] [2} Repeat parts a]- and h] but 1«with the fallawing can’thlnaLicun at casts: f= 25, s=5l],r= ‘lEt.

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